Is an Otherworldly Invasion on the Way?
By John W. Milor

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   Earlier this year, I finally completed my book, The Strong Delusion: Invasion of an Otherworldly Islam. This book has a two part thesis. First, I have built upon the research of two of my previous books; Aliens in the Bible, and Aliens and the Antichrist. Those two books disclose a Christian version of ancient astronaut research, and link it to the End Times deception mentioned in the Bible, referred to as a Strong Delusion, (2 Thessalonians 2:11). In short, I discuss all the otherwordly elements of scripture, that indicate that angels, both faithful and fallen, are associated with technology; they are what we now know of as extraterrestrials. I believe Satan intends to use parts of the truth, (i.e. the cosmos is populated with life), and weave a masterful lie with it, (that humans were created by aliens, rather than God). This lie will capitalize on misconceptions about angels, and use that confusion to attack the identity of God.

   I spent over a decade putting this research together, referencing over 750 scriptures in Aliens and the Antichrist, showing all the intricate details of how the extraterrestrial reality, once it is revealed, will pull the rug out from under the entire world. The Bible is very clear about ET bad guys, (such as the Nephilim of old and their fallen angel progenitors; the Nephilim were human/angel hybrids fully intent on conquering the world through physical violence). The Bible is also clear about ET good guys; they are otherworldly beings that on many occasions, were associated with advanced technology, (flying chariots of fire that levitated people into them, glorious clouds that levitated people into them, a column of fire in the sky that split the Red Sea in half and fed the nation of Israel for 40 years in the desert.

   Angels also used mental manipulation to scramble the language of the people at the Tower of Babel, and induce hyper suggestivity upon an entire army in Elisha's day. God's faithful angels further used devastating weapons of mass destruction that wiped Sodom and Gomorrah off the face of the Earth, crushed the city fortress of Jericho, and brought plagues on Egypt and the Philistines. There are perhaps more examples of good ETs in the Bible than there are bad, but the bad ETs are certainly there. They almost destroyed the entire world in the past, and Jesus said in the last days, we would see a return to the days of Noah. The most distinguishing factor about those days, was otherworldly beings in open interaction with the citizens of Earth. Certainly one way to interpret Jesus' statement about a return to the days of Noah, is to consider it a confirmation that public disclosure will eventually be a reality, and open contact with the heavens will once again come to the Earth.

   I thought I was done with writing about eschatology back in 2006, with I finished Aliens and the Antichrist, so I moved on to write other books. However, in 2014, I read Joel Richardson's book, The Islamic Antichrist, and I once again returned to the Strong Delusion. It's not just about otherworldly beings trying to subver the identity of God as the creator of the universe, and of humanity. As I discovered, a further understanding of the Strong Delusion can actually be obtained from what I call the enemy's game plan.

   The Bible talks about the Antichrist acknowleding a strange god, and it will be his aliance with this strange god, that will catapault him to global prominence. As I investigated Islamic writings, such as the Qur'an and Hadiths, (the enemy's game plan), I not only found and agree with most of what Joel Richardson uncovered, but I also found an otherworldly presence there, just as I found in the Bible. As it turns out, the strange god of the Antichrist, is Islam. There are many obvious clues, ranging from the Antichrist having no regard for the desires of women, to rampant violence in the Middle East, the satanic nature of terrorism, and even the trademark of beheading Christians and Jews as the modus operendi of Islamic extremists. There are other clues, however, that are not so obvious; clues that to date, I can't think of anyone who has pointed them out.

   For example, how many people know that Muhammad was abducted by an otherworldly entity as a child, and that entity conducted heart surgery on him? Moreover, another abduction occured later in his life, which Muslims refer to as The Night Journey; heart surgery was conducted on this second occasion as well. Muhammad and his men also had extensive interaction with otherworldly beings known as the Jinn. I conducted an exhaustive research of the Jinn, and have come to the conclusion that the Jinn, are the same entities as the Nephilim.

   About the same time I finished my book, I was shocked to discover that Louis Farrikhan, one of the most prominent Islamic scholars in the world, especially recognized in the West, has gone on public record to describe in vast detail, his interactions with angels, associated with very clear descriptions of advanced technology. Call it a hunch, but I don't think Farrikhan is lying about his abductions. I don't think he's right about his interpretations of what he claims these beings told him. Nor do I think the beings that abducted him, have humanity's best interests at heart. I do think, however, that they are directly related to the deception that's on the way; an Otherworldly Islam

   Louis Farrikhan fits the mold of many Islamic clerics; he's brazenly anti-semitic, to the point of calling Hitler "a very good man," and he's an outspoken advocate of jihad, calling terrorists "freedom fighters." But Farrikhan is more than these garden variety clerics; he's also a contactee, associated with otherworldly beings; perhaps some of the same entities that Muhammad was in touch with. These entities are obviously at odds with the God of Israel, to give special revelation to a man who has nothing but beaming comments about Hitler.

   In my book, The Strong Delusion: Invasion of an Otherworldly Islam, I predict that an otherworldly "Muslim" Jesus will soon make his debut re-entrance to planet Earth in the future, decending in a grand spectacle between the wings of two angels. This event is actually prophesied in Islamic literature. The Qur'an states that Jesus will return, (Qur'an 43:61), and the hadiths describe the event in detail (Muslim 41:7115, etc.). With this in mind, take a look at what Louis Farrikhan had to say about his otherworldly angelic friends, and their advanced technology, aka the Mother Plane, or Mother Ship.

   Islam's otherworldly "Muslim" Jesus may be arriving very soon...

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