Outline of
The Strong Delusion
Invasion of an Otherworldly Islam

   The Strong Delusion: Invasion of an Otherworldly Islam, is dedicated to unraveling the mystery of a future deception about to overshadow the Earth, spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2:11. The revelation of this deception involves a two-part thesis: 1. The extraterrestrial reality, how it relates to the activities of faithful and fallen angels in the past, present, and future, and how Satan will capitalize on the widespread misunderstanding of this reality. 2. The role of Islam, how the Antichrist(s), (both of them), will exploit Islam as the theological vehicle of choice in their rise to global prominence, and especially the future arrival of an otherworldly "Muslim Jesus," as prophesied in the Qur'an and Hadiths. The Bible also speaks of this "Muslim Jesus," but the Bible calls him by another name.

   Believe it or not, these two elements of the strong delusion are currently spreading across the Earth. While various theologians, authors, and prophetic voices have spoken about these two elements of the up coming deception in an independent context, they have never been addressed together. This book encompasses over two decades of research that lead to its conclusion; it includes over 850 biblical references, over 320 Qur'an and Hadith references, and numberous other sources - all aimed at accomplishing one objective: to strip the strong delusion of its power to deceive the very elect, (Matthew 24:24).

The Extraterrestrial Reality

Chapter 1: My Great-Grandmother's UFO Encounter
Chapter 2: Christian UFOlogy
Chapter 3: The Bible I Thought I Knew

The Rise of Islam

Chapter 4: Antichrists of the Past
Chapter 5:
The Rise of Islam
Chapter 6: Characteristics of the Antichrist
Chapter 7: Comparing Christian & Islamic Eschatology

Putting it All Together

Chapter 8: Otherworldly Influences through the Ages
Chapter 9: The Grand Conclusion

Outline of
Aliens and the Antichrist

Unveiling the End Times Deception

     Aliens and the Antichrist is a book composed of five parts, which are distinguished by the period of time they cover.  The primary purpose of Aliens and the Antichrist is to highlight scriptures and prophecies regarding extraterrestrial life, and their relevance in End times prophecy.  The issue of extraterrestrial life is directly tied to the Antichrist, especially concerning his deceptions.  Extraterrestrial life will also play a role in the lives of Christians, and the contacts they will have with angels that are faithful to God.  You must read this book before coming to conclusions about anything concerning extraterrestrial life! Non-Christians may discover that there's more about the Bible than meets the eye, and Christians may be surprised to discover that as well...

The Heavens as they Currently Are

Chapter 1: Cursed domains
Chapter 2: Glorified domains
Chapter 3: The planet known as third heaven
Chapter 4: Transitional domains
Chapter 5: Overlapping / coexisting domains
Chapter 6: Interplanetary / interdimensional travel

The Heavens of the Past

Chapter 7: The earth prior to the creation of Adam and Eve

The Near Future

Chapter 8: Could the rapture of the church be a mass alien abduction?
Chapter 9: The rise of the Antichrist
Chapter 10: The final conquest of the Antichrist, and Second Advent of Christ

The Heavens of the Future & The Grand Conclusion

Chapter 11: The Millennial Reign of Christ
Chapter 12: The eternal future of life on earth

Outline of
Aliens in the Bible

A Biblical Perspective of
Supernatural Entities, Realms of Existence, and Phenomenon

  Aliens in the Bible: A Biblical perspective of supernatural entities, realms of existence, and phenomenon  is a book composed of three parts, which are distinguished in the subtitle. Each part contains sections on the following topics:

Supernatural Entities

1. Aliens
2. Thought-forms
3. Artificial intelligence
4. Ghosts
5. Monsters - such as bigfoot, and Jersey devil
6. Mythical creatures - such as vampires, and werewolves

Supernatural Realms of Existence

1. Heaven (The sky, the cosmos, the dimension)
2. Old heaven (Satan's prior kingdom - Asteria - known as Rahab)
3. Hell (Hades - paradise, gehenna, and the chasm), lake of fire, the current hell)
4. Satan's propaganda city

Supernatural Phenomenon

1. P.S.I.
2. Stigmata
3. Astral Projection
4. Evolution - genetic experimentation from antiquity
5. Reincarnation

Outline of
Paranormal Christian

   The Paranormal Christian is a book composed of articles and true stories derived from multiple sources, dividing paranormal subjects into listed categories.  The 13 categories are as follows:

Paranormal Categories

1. Astral Projection
2. Big Foot
3. Demons / Devils
4. Dreams / Visions
5. Ghost Stories
6. Hypnosis
7. Miraculous Healings / Events
8. Miscellaneous
9. Mysterious Places
10. Ouija Boards
11. PSI
12. Strange Creatures / Mythical Beings
13. UFOs / Aliens

Outline of
The Eaglestar Prophecy
A Seeker's Revelation

   The Eaglestar Prophecy is a book composed of three parts, which cover my personal testimony, and include the greatest lessons I've ever learned in life.

Personal Visions of Heaven & Personal Experiences

1. Eagle in Heaven
2. The Floating Cross
3. Jesus in a Helicopter
4. My Best Friend Jack
5. Joe the Christian

Spiritual Truths & Appologetics

1. Questions
2. Open File Cabinet Philosophy
3. Laws
4. Tangents
5. Divine Progression
6. Going Deep


1. Poetry
2. Appendix - Gospel


     Apparition is a sci-fi novel that begins with the attempted suicide of Simon Cross; a man plagued with the tragedy of losing his wife.  Instead of escaping his sorrow, he awakes from a coma four years later only to find himself completely paralyzed.  Incapable of moving, or even speaking, he becomes the prisoner of his own body.  

     Still plagued with the loss of his wife, his only occupation in life is imagining her standing at the foot of his bed.  Over time, the image of his wife gradually comes to life, sometimes appearing no different than a physical person.  At first, he thinks his imagination is simply growing more acute.  But this assumption is soon shattered on one fateful night when she, (the image of his late wife), arrives with open arms, inviting him to join her.  Separating from his physical body, Simon is finally free from the prison of his mortal shell.

     From this moment on, Simonīs perception of reality is turned upside down.  His escapades as an apparition traverse the spectrum of emotion.  The horror of demonic encounters, the humor of the ultimate pranks, and the wonder of the unknown, all become a part of Simonīs everyday life.

     A physicist by trade, Simon quickly begins to study his abilities, testing by trial and error. These tests become an integral part of his new life.  He quickly discovers that there are many inherent properties in a spirit body.  Universal language translation through ESP, several different modes of travel, an odd relationship with matter, and an immunity to the effects of gravity, weather, and the atmosphere itself, are just a few.  (Every test is accompanied with an unpredictable story).  

     Armed with his knowledge of physics and creative imagination, Simonīs tests eventually lead him to see what the effects of electrical shock produce on his spiritual body.  To his delight, he discovers that electricity has a healing property that enables him to regenerate his physical body; specifically, his spinal cord!  It isnt long after this that Simonīs physical body rejuvenates, and Simon once again becomes a participant in the world.

     Unknown to Simon is the interest heīs attracted from individuals in covert government agencies.  These individuals introduce themselves to Simon shortly after he re-enters society.  Though their motives appear altruistic, their main interest in Simon is getting his help to produce a top-secret military weapon.  This weapon, if produced, would enable the person wearing it to kill anyone, anywhere, anytime, completely undetected.  Secrets could not be kept from him, plots could not be made against him, and no one would be safe from him.  He would be like a demon unleashed on the Earth, with all humanity to devour as he pleases.

     This synopsis, by far, doesnt encapsulate the entirety of Apparition.  Simonīs romance with the nurse he falls in love with while in the hospital, his narrow escapes from the powers of darkness, his personal journey to faith, and his many friendships, are all an integral part of this thought provoking tale.  I hope this summary is enough to arouse curiosity, but not enough to dispel the joy of not knowing whats around the next corner.