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Reality - isn't it odd?

   Have you ever pondered the fact that all you see, hear, think, feel, touch, smell... everything you know... is confined to the surface of a blue sphere.  A sphere, which spins with energy - coming from where?   A sphere that floats in the infinite plane of empty space. 

     While considering these things, also consider the fact that the very mind with which you are considering with - is also composed of an infinite space, consisting of its spheres; atoms.  Our reality is a conglomeration of spheres, all rotating, spinning, glued together - for the explicit purpose of forming the reality which surrounds us all.  Here is a poem, dedicated to God's chosen shape...


Why do they spin

And circle again?

What is their source?

The unseen force.

They are so close,

But yet so far,

The planets we're on,

The atoms we are...

What's their source?  God.