On the right is a frontal shot of Fort Sherman, Panama.  This is the military base that I describe my experience with an "Entity" in chapter 1 of Aliens in the Bible, and also in the story "The ball of light that communicated with me", in The Paranormal Christian. photo1.jpg (6793 bytes)
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   On the left is a photo of the actual road behind Fort Sherman where I saw the glowing, flashing ball of light I just mentioned above.  About a quarter mile further down this road, the being came through on the left side of the road from the dense jungle.  It was as bright as a camera flash, and was about the size of a soccer ball; it flashed on and off like a huge camera floating above us.  Then - it communicated telepathically with me, in front of my team leader.

   My friends and I would run through "Green Hell" for fun.  This is the name of the obstacle course that was located in the general vicinity of the road mentioned above.  This was a net that descended about 100 ft. down to the Caribbean Sea.
   Fort Sherman has a long history associated with the Panama canal.  There are many abandoned military bunkers, and large stone structures such as steps, and portions of walls, that are covered over with dirt, vines, and other jungle overgrowth - all throughout the jungle behind this base.  Some could even be ancient structures built by Indian civilizations. 
   I once investigated an underground tunnel in one of the abandoned military bunkers, but soon recanted, because it was filled with bats.  I had an M-16, but bats are rather difficult to shoot.  Also - there were hundreds of them...
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   On the right is one of my friends that I played Dungeons and Dragons with.  He was the one I mention in my book that had the waking hallucination of being transported to another time, in another place - as another person!  I discuss my involvement with the Dungeons and Dragons game in my book in chapter 8 under the subheading - "Thought-Forms".


   On the right, I'm standing at a guard post on the demilitarized zone in Korea.  Korea is full of spiritual activity - especially in the field.   We would frequently sleep in grave yards, because they were the only places where the ground was level on the mountain sides.

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   In the photo on the left, we have a typical bed down location on a field trip.  See that small mound on the right of the photo?  That's a grave.   In Korea, people are buried in the posture of sitting upright.  Instead of digging holes, dirt is heaped on top of them.
   Incidentally, the guy on the left eating his "Meal-Ready-To-Eat" was my Dungeon Master.
   Spirits flood these mountains - because all of the mountains are grave yards.   I once had a five minute conversation with someone that was sitting right next to me - only to discover there was nobody there when I turned to look.  Who, or whatever it was, vanished.  I talk about this in The Paranormal Christian, in the story titled "The graveyard ghost in Korea".
   On the right is an old camping trip photo of me in a pathetic raft - at Chiquita lake.  Anyone that enjoys camping and frequents the mountains in the central California Sierra Nevada's would probably know about this lake.
   This is the lake where I mentioned in the Art Bell interview that my dad and my Uncle heard an unnatural scream that sounded like a raging bull mixed with a mountain lion.  I also talk about this story in The Paranormal Christian, under the link titled "Dad & Uncle Paul at Chiquita Lake".  We assume it was a Bigfoot.  It was crashing through the forest, making a huge racket, while my dad and uncle were in a canoe in the middle of the lake.
   After they heard the scream, my dad asked, "Did you hear that?"   and my uncle responded, "What?"  (That's a family joke to this day).
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