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      Over 100 years ago, two young girls witnessed a UFO hovering across the great plains of Kentucky during broad daylight. These girls were later sworn to secrecy by their mother, and the older sister died a few years after that, leaving the younger to carry this experience in silence for the next 60 years. It wasn’t until 1975 that she broke her silence to her family. Thelma was from the Bible belt; the wife of a retired minister, and consumed with the Gospel from her earliest youth. Needless to say, her testimony was an unexpected shock to the family, to which she responded, “I don’t care what people think anymore, those things are real!”

     As somewhat of a Christian mystic, Thelma never sought to reconcile what she knew of the Bible that she read 27 times, (literally), with the spectacle she witnessed as a child; she simply accepted both realities as true. While the rest of our family never knew what to think, the recounting of this story had inadvertently planted a seed in me, at the age of five.

     As a youth, I became fascinated with the idea of extraterrestrials, and that fascination later grew into a vast exploration of the paranormal. It wasn’t until I joined the Army years later, where I served in the Infantry as an M-60 gunner, that I had a supernatural encounter of my own in the jungle of Panama, during the Panamanian Conflict of 1990. This event truly set me on fire to learn as much as I could about paranormal phenomenon.

     Following my Army enlistment, an even greater otherworldly encounter occurred to me in a dream, when a mysterious invisible presence accompanied me through a metaphorical maze of my life. When I awoke from this dream, I asked the question, “Who was that?” Suddenly a jolt of holy electricity exploded through my body when the name “Jesus” unexpectedly answered me from the placid silence of my bedroom. That name changed me in the blink of an eye.

     Unlike my great grandmother, I considered the notion of extraterrestrial life, with its close affiliation with the occult, and its natural transition into the theory of evolution, to be at odds with my new found faith in Christ. I therefore set out on a mission to reconcile these two seemingly opposing paradigms. For the next 25 years, I have devoted myself to this research.

     I also joined the military again, and rose to the rank of Senior Master Sergeant, serving as the Cyber Operations Superintendent at my unit. Myilitary career was initiated as a Combat Veteran in the Army, and after my second enlistment, I graduated from technical school with highest honors. I also graduated from the Non-Commissioned Officer’s Academy as a Distinguished Graduate, and winner of the Commandant Award, (the academy’s version of Valedictorian). In 2014, I was awarded the Airman of the Year for the State of California, and was honored on national television during the largest Veteran’s Day Parade celebration west of the Mississippi. (Note: As a matter of record, my views are strictly his own, and in no way, shape or form, do they represent the views of the U.S. Armed Forces!)

     Aside from being a family man and serviceman, I am educated in multiple fields of study. I have two Associate degrees, (Liberal Arts and Information Technology), a Bachelor degree in Business, a Master degree in Professional Screenwriting, and I'm currently pursuing a second Master degree in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. I have used the same discipline I learned in the military and in my studies, and applied it to my continued investigations of the paranormal. I have published 5 books, (Apparition, The Eaglestar Prophecy: A Seeker’s Revelation, Aliens in the Bible: A Biblical Perspective of Supernatural Entities, Realms of Existence, and Phenomenon, Aliens and the Antichrist: Unveiling the End Times Deception, and his latest book, The Strong Delusion: Invasion of an Otherworldly Islam). I have also published a 5-part report with a Canadian publisher, (X-Phenomenon), I have two registered Screenplays with the Screenwriter’s Guild, (The Gathering, and The Book of Wars: Legend of the Prophetess), and I further have 7 other unpublished books I also hopes to publish in the future). My latest book, The Strong Delusion, references over 800 scriptures from the Bible in support of my Christian version of Ancient Astronaut research. It also includes information from extra-biblical works, such as the book of Enoch, as well as over 300 verse references from the Qur’an and Hadiths of Islam.

     In the course of my research, everything I discovered about extraterrestrial life, as well as the religion of Islam, has directed me to a recurring theme: The Strong Delusion of 2 Thessalonians 2:11. While the truth was hiding in plain sight for me to see from my early days of reading the Bible for the first time, at the same time, it was mind-boggling unbelievable. How could such outlandish things possibly be true?

     It is my sincere hope that my best attempt at revealing the true identity of the Antichrist(s), the False Prophet, and their strange god, is clearly presented with enough evidence, logic, and consistency, that in the very least, it will stimulate dialogue in exploring interpretations of scripture that have either never been considered before, or they have been too readily dismissed. God willing, these interpretations will enable those with a genuine relationship with God to maintain their solid foundation of faith, even when the traditional Christian worldview is obliterated by the Strong Delusion that will descend on the Earth in the days ahead.