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Christian Freebies
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  • Download BootVerse - a cool Bible verse program - for FREE! (One of my experiments with Visual Basic - program written for PCs)
    Presents 1 of 60 randomly selected flash-card Bible verses on your desktop, with a rotating cross in the corner. Click on it and it disappears. To run this program on Windows Startup, add it to the Windows Run key in the registry by clicking HERE.
  • E-Sword Downloads (E-Sword is Bible software by Rick Meyers. If is down, you can get the basics right here, but is a much better location to get these, because much more is available. Furthermore, the latest versions and downloads are maintained. This is the free program I use for Bible research, it includes Strong's Enhanced Lexicon integrated with the KJV, and many other valuable Bible study tools.)
  •      E-Sword Engine (Setup761.exe)
  •      E-Sword Engine Update (Update761.exe)
  •      E-Sword Bibles and Extras (ESV, ISV, KJV, MSG, Encyclopedia, Illustrations)
  • Books removed from the Bible in 1885 can be downloaded (For those who don't know, the 1611 KJV version of the Bible has 81 books, and 15 of these were removed in 1885, reducing the number to 66. Fortunately, many of these books that were removed are still available today! While I don't give credence to all of them, I think they are worthy of investigation and individual evaluation. Why should I simply let someone else decide something is not worth my reading? It is said that the Bible we have today quotes from 28 other books currently not contained within it - and I'd like to read those books if I can find them!)
  • He gave His life - on the Cross ... (Shockwave file - email to friends)
  • Lord Lift Us Up (Inspirational page)
  • The Gospel (My brief explanation of the Gospel - witness tool to email to friends)
  • The Gospel Winning Script (Script by - another witness tool for Christians)
  • Old Testament Scriptures Fulfilled in the New Testament