First Contact Questionnaire
(Will Extraterrestrial Life Devastate Religious Beliefs?)

    Hello, I am John W. Milor, Christian UFOlogist and author of Aliens and the Antichrist and Aliens in the Bible. I and some colleagues of mine are collecting information in order to determine the global impact on core religious beliefs in the event of public disclosure of extraterrestrial life, or a “First Contact” event with intelligent life forms not native to Earth, (or this current dimension). If you would like more information about this, please feel free to email me at You can also find out more about me by simply searching my name on Google, or Facebook.

    Note 1: The drop-down boxes with labels 1 through 5, represent the following values:

    Note 2: Each question also offers an “Optional Clarification / Details” textbox field, where you may include whatever details you like.

Religious Beliefs

1. I am:

2. Optional Clarification / Details:

3. I believe there is a God existing outside time/space, who created everything.

4. Optional Clarification / Details:

5. I believe God is the only non-created living being in existence.

6. Optional Clarification / Details:

7. I believe that God has a personality, and His primary defining characteristic that governs all his actions, is that He is the essence of love.

8. Optional Clarification / Details:

9. I believe that the same God who created the universe, is also the same being that created humanity.

10. Optional Clarification / Details:

11. I believe Jesus Christ is the only physical incarnation of God the Creator, (as the Only Begotten Son of God), and that He was sacrificed, died, and rose from the dead, offering the only way to salvation and means to get to heaven.

12. Optional Clarification / Details:

13. I believe the Bible is the authoritative Word of God.

14. Optional Clarification / Details:

15.I believe in the existence of heaven and hell.

16. Optional Clarification / Details:

17.I believe in the account of Creation as presented in the Book of Genesis; that all human beings of the current order of creation, began with one man, Adam, and one woman, Eve.

18. Optional Clarification / Details:

19. I believe in the doctrine of evolution – that given enough time and the right conditions, species are capable of mutating into new, more complex species.

20. Optional Clarification / Details:

21. I believe in the existence of otherworldly, angelic beings.

22. Optional Clarification / Details:

23. I believe that angelic beings, if they exist, are purely spiritual entities that are not physical in nature.

24. Optional Clarification / Details:

25. I believe that angelic beings, if they exist, travel and accomplish their tasks purely with innate supernatural power, and do not use any kind of technology whatsoever.

26. Optional Clarification / Details:

27. I believe that the Earth was created at the same time as the rest of the universe.

28. Optional Clarification / Details:

29. I believe that angelic beings, if they exist, dwell in a purely non-physical place completely separate from the physical universe.

30. Optional Clarification / Details:

31. I believe that heaven and hell, if they exist, they are not connected to the physical universe in any way, shape, or form; that being in another dimension, they are purely non-physical places outside the time/space continuum as we know it.

32. Optional Clarification / Details:

Other Beliefs

33. I believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life.

34. Optional Clarification / Details:

35. If archeological evidence discovers irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial life, (such as depicted in the movie Star-Gate), and I even saw it with my own eyes, I would finally believe it.

36. Optional Clarification / Details:

37. If irrefutable proof of life is discovered in outer space, such as microbial life on an asteroid, I will accept the possibility that intelligent life exists in the cosmos.

38. Optional Clarification / Details:

39. If the technology is developed to travel to other planets, and we discover irrefutable proof of intelligent life on other planets, I will accept those findings.

40. Optional Clarification / Details:

41. If the government makes an official announcement of the knowledge of extraterrestrial life on other planets, and government officials claim to have even been taken to other worlds, I would believe it.

42. Optional Clarification / Details:

43. If open contact with extraterrestrial beings has occurred, and personal friends of mine have even rode in spacecraft to other worlds and saw for themselves it was true, I would believe it.

44. Optional Clarification / Details:

45. If I was taken aboard a spacecraft by otherworldly beings, (willingly or otherwise), and taken to another planet and saw with my own eyes another completely different type of society on another planet, (such as the many depicted in Star Wars and Star Trek), I would finally believe it.

46. Optional Clarification / Details:

47. The very nature of discovering irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial life on other planets would provide substantial weight to the doctrine of evolution.

48. Optional Clarification / Details:

49. If an extraterrestrial species claimed to be the beings spoken of in ancient literature, (i.e. the Sons of God, Bene Elohim of Genesis 6, the Annukai of the Sumerians, the ‘gods’ of the Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythos, etc.), and they claimed they had something to do with the origin of the human species, I might believe it.

50. Optional Clarification / Details:

51. The irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial life on other planets would cause me to re-evaluate what I consider to be the essential tenets of my faith, such as the issue of Salvation only applying to humanity.

52. Optional Clarification / Details:

53. If an extraterrestrial being spoke with me, and told me that the Bible is true, and evolution is false, but that he/she/it simply came from another world, I might be more inclined to believe him/her/it, or at least listen more, with an open mind.

54. Optional Clarification / Details:

55. The idea of irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial life on other planets is a false premise that cannot be true under any circumstance; we are alone in the universe, period!

56. Optional Clarification / Details:

57. If irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial life on other planets were presented to me, I would seek to reconcile my faith with the new knowledge I had acquired, and even consider having a conversation with an extraterrestrial, in order to learn more (test the spirits) about him/her/it.

58. Optional Clarification / Details:

59. If irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial life on other planets was presented to me, I would consider ALL such beings satanic deceivers, no matter WHAT they said, did, or looked like, because their very existence is completely contrary to my beliefs. Whatever proof it is that they presented, no matter how convincing, would be a deception, period!

60. Optional Clarification / Details:

61. If irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial life on other planets were presented to me, I would consider all such beings enemies of humanity, and feel completely justified in any actions I committed against them.

62. Optional Clarification / Details:

63. The idea of irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial life on other planets is a false premise that cannot be true under any circumstance; we are alone in the universe, period!

64. Optional Clarification / Details:

65. You think this questionnaire may be relevant in the future.

66. Optional Clarification / Details:

Optional Contact Information

67. Would you agree to take part in an interview for a documentary on this subject, if that is where this research project leads me? If so, please provide contact information below, and also email me at

68. Full Name:

69. Email Address:

70. State

71. City
72. Organization affiliation (faith-oriented if any, i.e. name of church, etc.)
73. Do you serve in any kind of spiritual leadership role (i.e. pastor, rabbi, cleric, priest, etc.), and if so, what role is it?
74. Optional Remarks:
Final Note: Out of appreciation for completing this survey, here are two of my books in electronic format, free of charge. I deeply appreciate any/all feedback.

Aliens and the Antichrist (2006) / Aliens in the Bible (1999)