***Testimonies ***

Dr. Hollowell, Chief Editor of Christianity.com

John Milor's Book Aliens in the Bible is riveting! It will leave believers of the word with their minds and mouths open wide.  Milor examines personal experience, UFOs and New Age philosophies through the looking glass of scripture. He supplies verse-by-verse evidence to support his theories 
while maintaining his views are just one possibility.  Importantly, Milor never clouds or diminishes  the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Overall his book is an intriguing perspective and an excellent 
tool for reaching New Agers by introducing those interested in UFOs and New Age philosophies to 
the truth of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Belovarski, author of the "TIMESHIP" movie series http://www.timeship.org/

I like this project, which is similar to my own time consuming research that has since turned into a movie dubbed the "TIMESHIP" project.  I work on it with Billy Dee from UFOSSI, who has a Pioneering Essay on the same issues. The brother was abducted and he is now a minister.

Michael Relfe, author of "The Mars Records" http://www.surfingtheapocalypse.com/mars_records.html

What an excellent testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ!  The webpage is great, and the artwork is excellent.

Will Denton, Drummer for the Steven Curtis Chapman Band 

Very interesting material!  I've always wondered about aliens.  The author is a drummer too, so he must know what he's talking about!  :)

Michael S. Heiser, Semetic scholar and Author of "The Facade"

I confess I don't agree with some content on this site, but it's well worth a look.  John has put a lot of thought into the subject, and you'll find it interesting. 

Brian Fisk from Ohio

I have read only part of this book so far, and can say I am genuinely impressed and curious about sitting down to read it all! The amount of research alone is staggering! And the author backs up most of what he says according to scritpture (I have checked!) This is the first time I have come across someone that has had a curiousity akin to my own. The bible is a facinating book and interpeting the scripture can be a tough thing sometimes...Aliens in the Bible aludes to things I too have wondered about for a very long time! Whether this material is 100% accurate in the interpetations we will not know till God comes again...but till then...if you enjoy sci-fi there really is no better book than the bible because not only have many facinating things happened in it - they are actually real! I believe God has given this author a desire and thirst to delve deep into his words and bring out very interesting and seldom talked about scripture! This book has indeed given me food for thought - friend!

Ron Stone from Ski Country, USA COLORADO

Fascinating Read!  John Milor's research and spiritual insight finds possible answers to several uneasy questions facing the modern human being concerning the metaphysical. Whether one is on a spiritual quest or searching for paranormal explanations, Milor answers the thesis, Aliens are Aliens in the Bible. To quote Milor, "The Christian paradigm should now be expanded to include a host of possibilities that you, the reader, may have not previously considered." He succeeds to this end, in my opinion. Milor also supplies other information concerning other metaphysical phenomenon. I found it interesting and worth reading. He gets an A.

Rick Scott from Cedar Grove Tenn, stonecoldaddy@hotmail.com

For anyone interested in an alternative,a different way of looking at things,if you ever wondered,"Am I the only one,who thinks this way?"If you have an OPEN mind,You are split between what the church says,and what that little voice is telling you inside.Read this book!!!Do yourself a favor,the two worlds can come together,and make sense.You may find that you are not alone in these thoughts,but just one of many!!!

Lynne Hall from Lynnwood, WA

Paranormal activity is alive and well in the bible.  The content of "Aliens in the Bible" is like having Art Bell, the late Fr. Malachi Martin, Chuck Missler and Dr. Peter S. Ruckman all rolled up into one discussion. Mr. Milor has managed to include all the places in the Bible that speak about aliens, intruders, as well as the "good guys", who have entered into our earthly realm. He explores the paranormal happenings of today, and correlates them with these same subjects in Holy Scripture. He has held both the New Age view and now has added a Biblical perspective concerning these phenomenon. He has a particularly interesting treatment of the subject of the Sons of God who co-habited with the daughters of men, and the corruption of the human genotype that resulted. Everything from mythical beings to astral projection is discussed as well as the various types of death, the degrees of hell and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd heavens. He deals with the one who is to come and whose purpose will be to deceive the whole world (possibly quite soon.) The author tells us how to keep from being taken in by that deception.

James Reimer from Wichita, Kansas

Extremely interesting information! It is refreshing to see a Christian perspective on the subject.

Brian O'Connor from Washington DC

Listening to this author on the Art Bell program and his perspective on the paranormal as it relates to the Bible was quite interesting. I was compelled to read this book, and I was not let down. This book is fascinating! As a recovering fundamentalist, I'm skeptical of people barking chapters & verses at me, however, this work has ignited my biblical interests. The AliensInTheBible.com website is dynamite too!

Larry Sharpe from Indiana

Amazing! I thought I was the only one who wondered about this sort of stuff.  Finally, I'm not alone!  Very interesting.

Jeff Owens from Huntsville, Alabama

Great book! Aliens in the Bible raises good points that are Biblical, it never contradicts scripture, and glorifies Jesus. May God help spread this message!

Eleanor M. Miser from Harrah, Oklahoma

Excellent research! I am using his scriptural references in my communications with others who question the existence of aliens.

Anonymous reader

I finally got the book, and I can't put it down! The Book of Enoch also says some things similar to this material. NOTE: To those that have read chapter one of this book - the blinking ball of light the author saw in the Panama jungle was also seen in France...