This book is for individuals interested in topics of supernatural origin. It should appeal to both Christians, as well as readers of metaphysical, or otherwise classified New Age literature. While this material is about New Age subject matter, the topics discussed are described from a biblical perspective. Therefore, while this work would most likely find a more fitting home in the Christian section of a book store – because it’s perspective is biblical, I would rather it be placed in the New Age section. The primary reason for this desire is because it’s intended as a tool for opening the eyes of seekers – who often imbed themselves in New Age mysticism, not finding the answers to their questions concerning supernatural phenomenon within the context of a Christian paradigm.

Some Christians will find this work too open-minded. It contains some fairly controversial information, but none of which I hope would in any way, shape, or form, compromise essential principals of the Christian faith, such as the issue of salvation by any other means than Christ. I must admit that much of the information in this work can be accused of being unimportant – in other words, a waste of time to investigate. But if you’re a Christian and you’ve picked up this book – and have read thus far – I’m certain that it’s by no accident. Even if much of the information in this book is of secondary importance, it should prove to be enriching, providing answers to questions concerning metaphysical phenomenon, such as aliens, ghosts, and the like. Furthermore, this book serves as a warning of a deception looming on the horizon of humanity – you must read more to find out what this deception is.

I do firmly believe that if Christians simply do what Christians should do – that is, to seek first the kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33) – then they won’t have anything to worry about concerning any future deception about to envelope the world. But who’s to say what method God might use to reveal a particular deception to those who are diligently seeking His kingdom first, as they should? Perhaps His method might be this book…

Some New Agers will find this work too closed-minded. If you’re of a New Age paradigm, you might react to the biblical perspective with scrutiny when you’re confronted with it. Then again – you might very well be amazed at just exactly what is contained within the ancient Greek and Hebrew texts that compose the Bible. I used to be of the New Age persuasion – and in essence, I wrote this work for all of my former selves out in the world; seekers, looking for answers to tough questions. I must reiterate to all New Age readers, if you’ve picked up this book and have read thus far, it’s by no accident. Someone is trying to tell you something…


It was in the summer of 1990, during the Panamanian conflict. I was an M-60 Machine Gunner in the Army at the time, assigned to the 7th Infantry Division.

My weary eyes gazed out into the midnight mists of a dark jungle. Breaking the silence was an irritating buzz in my ear; I swiped at the mosquito and missed it. The buzz reminded me of the unbearable itching on my arms, so I bathed them in another scratch-fest. The itching quickly turned into stinging, as the blood oozing from the innumerable insect bites on my arms mingled with my sweat.

The stinging soon grew intolerable, so I tried to think of something to do that would take my mind off of it. Reaching over to my pack, I pulled out an MRE (Meal-Ready-to-Eat). From the MRE, I retrieved two packets of powdered coffee, tore them open, then proceeded to dump the powder into my mouth. (This was a guard-duty technique I used quite frequently. I ate powdered coffee packets like most people use over-the-counter drugs to stay awake. I thought MRE coffee served this purpose better though, because the bitter taste alone was always enough to blast me awake for at least a solid five minutes. By the time the instant waking effect wore off, the jolt of caffeine would kick in.)

After the coffee, I ate a book of matches, because I heard that they would make me sweat sulfur, which most insects don’t like. (Of course, the steroid pumping, power-lifting insects of Panama didn’t care – for the most part.) But the side effect of eating matches also made my sweat stink with a profound unequalled intensity. In the Army though, nobody really cared. After a few weeks in the field, noses become immune to the ever-thickening, pasty cheese that coats a human body after X amount of days without a shower.

About the time I was finished gagging over the coffee and the matches, another mosquito buzzed my ear, and started the cycle over again; a cycle that was nearing two hours and approaching midnight. I gazed at my watch, seeing that I had fifteen minutes left before waking up Corp. Stenger to take over the shift.

Sleep at last, I thought, while peering at my sleeping area behind me. I was issued a small net to sleep under, but it didn’t do any good. In the jungle of Panama, it’s impossible to find an area without bugs. Setting up a net in any given space does nothing but trap bugs beneath it.

While staring at the net, I became aware of a peculiar glow that flashed in front of me while my head was turned. The glow was like a dim flash. It disappeared when I faced forward to see what it was.

All evening the sky had been flashing with lighting, even though there were no clouds or rain – just a gloomy haze. This is common in Panama. I quickly dismissed the phenomenon as lightning, because the effect of the mellow flash was very similar. The only reason this particular flash caught my attention is because it was noticeably brighter than the lightning that had been flashing throughout the evening. I simply attributed this to a brighter flash of lightning.

A few minutes passed, and the flash occurred again, this time while I was facing forward. It was immediately apparent that this flash was not lighting. It flashed from behind the many trees and brush in front of me about 300 yards away, and was much brighter this time.

I rubbed my eyes, repositioned myself, yawned, and leaned forward expecting another peculiar flash. Sure enough, about a minute later, another flash emitted from the jungle, and again, the intensity was increased. This was a prime indication that it was approaching my position.

I looked at Corp. Stenger and thought about waking him up. While staring at him, I recalled that I was in a highly unique situation for revenge. For the past year and a half, Corp. Stenger had led the pack of individuals that enjoyed making my life miserable in the Army. I developed a bad reputation of being a complete weirdo.

I sort of asked for it, because in the Army, anything that distinguishes a person as different from others is always a target for ridicule. All it took was for people to walk into my room. There, they found themselves in a shrine of the paranormal. Lining my walls were books on every paranormal subject there is. UFOs, ghosts, palmistry, astrology, Tarot cards, tea leaves, crystals, rune casting, miraculous healing, astral projection, Ouija boards, psychic phenomenon, hypnosis, reincarnation, possession, channeling, demons, angels, big-foot, different religions; if it had to do with the supernatural, I was the authority on it.

Decorating my room along with the books were items such as crystal balls, Dungeons & Dragons paraphernalia, (a game of which I was an avid player at that time), incense burners and a host of candles seated in the most cryptic looking candle holders I could find. For this reason, I was nick-named "Weird", and the title never left me until I departed the Army.

So now here I was, faced with something that I had always longed to see… an unknown. And soundly sleeping to my right was Corp. Stenger, a man who loved to ridicule me endlessly about how stupid I was for believing in such "nonsense". (For the sake of producing an unpolluted work, I will refrain from the exact terminology he used.)

I stood up, waiting for another flash. Another one came, brighter, and closer. I smiled with delight, strangely unafraid, and burning with curiosity. Two things came to my mind to explain the phenomenon: swamp gas, and ball lightning. (Recall that I am an authority on strange phenomenon, based on many hours of personal study.)

When I thought of ball lightning, I realized that I was probably not in a good situation. I was wearing a 23 pound chunk of metal, (my M-60 machine gun), about 100 rounds of ammunition draped around my neck, and a pair of night-vision goggles rested against my chest. Furthermore, my backpack had several lithium batteries in it, along with a field radio that had a three-foot antenna sticking out saying "Here I am, come and zap me!" Thinking that ball lightning would be attracted to these things, I set the M-60 down, took off the rounds of ammunition and set them next to the M-60, and distanced myself from the backpack a few feet.

Finally, I saw what was producing the flashing. It was a ball of light as bright as a camera flash, and about the size of a soccer ball. The ball was about twenty feet up in the air, would flash for about a half second, then disappear. While invisible, it would move about twenty to thirty feet closer to my position, then flash again. I was utterly fascinated!

My guard post was off the side of a small dirt road. This road meandered through the jungle behind Fort Sherman, Panama, and eventually dwindled into nothingness. There were two other guard posts along the road, each positioned about a quarter mile apart. I wondered if anyone at the other posts were able to see the flashing from where they were. The brightness of this ball of light was certainly sufficient for them to see. "Witnesses" I thought to myself with delight. I figured that if others were faced with this phenomenon, then they would be forced to recant the burdensome reputation that they imparted me. (Unfortunately, this event actually ended up making things worse – they mocked that I was the one responsible for it).

I finally couldn’t wait anymore. This strange ball of light was clearly visible, flashing consistently every two to three minutes, and rapidly approaching my position. Every time it flashed, it was twenty to thirty feet closer to us. I had to wake Corp. Stenger. My shift was over, and it was time for him to get up anyway.

As he rubbed his dreary eyes, I excitedly explained to him that I thought there was some sort of alien probe, or alien life form approaching the camp. This quickly got his attention, but then he crunched his eyebrows, and mumbled a few curse words at me thinking I was making up a strange story. But while he was cursing, the light flashed, and I interrupted him saying, "See! Didn’t you see it! I know you saw it!"

A suspicious and confused expression donned on his face. "Well, my shift’s up, so have fun, because I’m crashing" I stated with an unconcerned attitude, hoping he would respond. I actually had no intention of going to sleep. I just wanted to make him squirm.

"Wait a minute. What was that?"

Before he was fully cognizant, I seized the moment to take charge. Corp. Stenger was on my turf now, and I was going to do my best to make him remember this moment for the rest of his life. I stepped out onto the side of the dirt road and began to talk to this ominous orb as it approached us. "Who are you? What are you? Reveal yourself to me…" I questioned it. By this time, it was flashing about ten feet in front of me, still close to twenty feet above the ground.

"Shut up!" Corp. Stenger quietly chastised me.

I then looked at him and with a serious expression and stated, "This … whatever it is," I pointed to where the ball of light flashed last, "is not of this world." Silence permeated the atmosphere. The ball of light then flashed almost directly above me, as if in response to what I just said. Corp. Stenger and I both got a clear look at it this time. I also realized that this ball of light was no longer moving. It flashed about three times, remaining stationary, as if observing us. I pointed this out to Corp. Stenger, and he didn’t know what to say.

"Maybe it’s some sort of bug…" he mumbled.

"Don’t be an idiot!" I was now chastising him. "It’s the size of a soccer ball! You saw it!"

Corp. Stenger scratched his head. "Maybe it’s some sort of experimental technology they’re deploying from one of the aircraft-carriers in the gulf?" he quizzed, wondering now what my response would be. "Maybe some sort of laser?"

I was still wearing my AN/PVS-7s, (night-vision goggles), so I turned them on, and looked up to where I saw the ball of light flash last. I could see nothing. I lowered the goggles and stared at Corp. Stenger. "We have nothing that could do this. A laser shoots a strait beam of light, and needs an uninterrupted space in which to project. This thing is down in the trees, traveling around like a small probe, and is a ball of light. This is definitely not a laser, and it doesn’t appear to be physical either, because I can’t see it with the goggles, and it’s making absolutely no sound whatsoever." I then handed the goggles to Corp. Stenger and demanded that he try to see it for himself. He looked, and could see nothing.

While he was looking, I continued to lecture him. "It’s not ball lightning either, because ball lightning doesn’t flash like that. I read about ball lightning, which looks sort of like this, but when ball lightning appears, it zips around wildly until it’s gone. It usually dissipates into something that attracts lightning, such as metal objects. Here is a bunch of metal, a field radio with an antenna that is nothing short of a lightning rod, and some batteries", I pointed to the M-60 and the backpack with the radio in it, "and that ball of light isn’t going for it. It’s just sitting up there, checking us out. Ball lightning doesn’t do that! Ball lightning doesn’t move through the jungle, then stop over the middle of a road and check people out! This thing appears to be resembling some sort of intelligence!"

By this time, Corp. Stenger was sweating profusely, scanning nervously with the goggles, and growing with paranoia. I was loving it!

"And it’s not swamp gas either, because swamp gas is just a glowing greenish mist, not a ball of light as bright as a camera flash. Stenger, we are faced with an intelligent life form probably from another world" I stated with confidence, and awe. He looked at me with fear in his eyes, and I smiled back with delight. The light flashed again, as if responding to my statements again.

"Here, let me see those goggles," I asked in a calm, collected tone of voice. He handed them to me, and I proceeded to walk out into the very center of the road. "I’m going to try to communicate with it," I said to Corp. Stenger.

"Are you crazy? We don’t know what that is!"

"If it wanted to harm us, I’m sure it could’ve done so by now."

Corp. Stenger refrained from speaking any further, and took a few steps backward off the road. He didn’t want to be a part of what I was going to attempt to do. I really didn’t know what I was going to do, but I thought it would sound good to say such a cryptic statement. I felt like I was in an episode of Star Trek.

While lifting the goggles to my eyes, I looked up to where the light flashed last. I then cleared my mind, and tried to feel where it was going to flash next. Oddly enough, a strange sensation overcame me. I actually felt that the object was moving. "I can feel it moving" I stated to Corp. Stenger. I felt the object fly right over my head, lower to about fifteen feet off the ground, and stop about twenty feet behind me. I followed it with the night vision goggles, spinning myself around in the opposite direction I was facing before, keeping my goggles pointed at where I thought I felt its presence. I then began to speak slowly. "The next time it will flash, it’s going to be right…about…", then WHAM! The light flashed exactly where I was looking with the night vision goggles. I was blinded for about a full minute, because the goggles amplify all light, and the flash was as bright as a camera flash. I was astounded!

"Wow! Did you see that Stenger!" I excitedly pronounced, blind, and amazed. "I communicated with it! It showed me where it was going to flash next! There’s no way I could’ve known that! This thing is intelligent. It stayed in that one spot until I wanted to communicate with it. Then it moved way over there," I pointed where it flashed, "and made me feel where it was going! I actually felt its presence! And right when I was about ready to say ‘THERE’, it flashed, as if it even knows what I’m saying!" Corp. Stenger stood motionless, staring at me. He didn’t seem to share my enthusiasm.

I continued talking to this strange ball of light, but nothing more came of it. It didn’t do anything particularly spectacular, like turn into a humanoid or anything. It simply demonstrated to me that without a doubt, it was in fact intelligent, and it was in fact checking us out. It proceeded to circle our post in a complete 360 degree circle, taking about fifteen minutes to do so. Then it slowly meandered down the road, flashing periodically as it went.

The next day I reminded Corp. Stenger of the event, and he simply looked at me and chuckled. "Hanging around you long enough, something weird was bound to happen," he joked.

I asked members of the other posts if they saw anything, and one member from both posts did. They said it stopped and flashed above the road at each post, as if taking note of their presence. I told them the whole story, and they got a kick out of it. But unfortunately, the event subsided into a vague recollection, and prompting the event in conversation did nothing for me but ask for ridicule. As stated earlier, they mocked that I was the reason for this strange event.

In my opinion, these individuals were faced with something utterly astonishing, and their complacent attitude towards it astounds me almost more than the ball of light itself.

This event stands clear in my memory as if it happened yesterday. I was not alone when this happened. I was fully alert, and completely sober. My prior interest in the paranormal was thus intensified by this event, and I can now speak from personal experience that I know that there are things in this world that contemporary science has yet to explain. At that time, I didn’t think the Bible had any explanation for these things either. I was wrong.


While some may consider this chapter’s relevance to this book debatable, I find it necessary in order to establish my Christian perspective on paranormal issues.

As mentioned in the previous chapter, I was once heavily involved in occult related activities. I learned how to read palms, cast runes, perform Tarot card readings, and contact spirits through the use of a Ouija board – (though the later was quickly discarded because I discovered I could only contact demonic entities that tried to mimic human personas. In depth questioning always revealed their true nature, because they invariably ended up cursing me and spouting out satanic phrases. Even at that time I had no interest in having conversations with satanic beings.)

Other things I experimented with were performing self-hypnosis to extract memories from past lives, astral projection, and channeling spirit guides – (demons really), among other things. For the most part, these activities led me to either very unpleasant experiences, or no results at all.

As a Christian now, I realize what all this was about. I was searching. At that time in my life, I figured I already heard all there was to hear about Christianity, and to be honest, it bored me. I sought out something powerful, and spiritual, and didn’t believe I could find it in Christianity. I had questions that weren’t being answered. The Christians I knew never seemed to be interested in discussing things of a paranormal nature, because all the Christians I knew and listened to basically labeled all of these activities demonic. I always thought there was more to these things; they fascinated me. Labeling them demonic and refusing to investigate them any further was, in my opinion, narrow minded and opinionated. Since my experience with God when I was 21 years old, I’ve read the Bible for myself, and have discovered that everything I have ever wanted to know is contained within it. This leads me to the conclusion that my previous assumption that Christianity was a narrow minded and opinionated perspective of reality was in itself narrow minded and opinionated. I should not have judged Christianity according to the few Christians I knew. I should’ve researched the Bible for myself, and made my own conclusions about what I read.

I became a true Christian at the age of 21, though I always considered myself one. I suppose one could argue that I was a Christian ever since I accepted Jesus into my heart and asked Him to save me – which occurred so long ago I can’t remember. But the meaning of salvation didn’t truly set into my heart until I was 21 years old. Before my encounter with Jesus at 21 years old, (a dream so powerful that I woke up a completely different person the next day – and have stayed that different person ever sense), it meant that when I would die, I would go to heaven. Other than that, I didn’t really give Christianity much further thought. Instead, I searched for God in metaphysical activities.

Now, I’m always thinking about God. I take God seriously. My interest in the things of God has greatly increased, and my faith has increased, and expanded into many areas of my life, morally, philosophically, spiritually, and conceptually. These changes are a result of the Holy Spirit dwelling within me, and affirming to me that the Holy Bible is the inspired word of God. Reading the Bible, I have learned many things:



1.Evolution is a false doctrine (Genesis chapters 1 and 2), abortion is wrong (Isaiah 49:5, Jeremiah 1:5), homosexuality is not an acceptable alternative life-style (Romans 1:26-32, Leviticus 20:13), sexual relations outside the confines of marriage is not okay if the two people love each other (Acts 15:20, 15:29, 21:25, Romans 1:29, 1 Corinthians 6:13, 1 Corinthians 6:18, Galatians 5:18, Ephesians 5:3, etc.), and the list goes on. Many of the aspects of my value system – items just listed, among others – which I inherited from my parents, immediate family, public education, the media, and the world in general, were radically changed. I attribute this change to scripture, and the Holy Spirit dwelling within me revealing His truth.



2.Love is much more an action than it is an emotion (1 Corinthians chapter 13).



3.Tithing in church is not giving to the church, the church staff, or the members of that church. Rather, it is giving to God. As for what the church does with the money from that point on, the church is accountable to God alone, so I really don’t have to worry about it (Malachi 3:7-12). For those that are Christians, I’m sure you understand all this. For those that aren’t Christians, you may have just read something to scoff at. The difference between Christians and non-Christians here is the element of spiritual discernment, which the Holy Spirit provides.



4.Concerning my perspective on the many paranormal phenomenon I knew of, I now have a new light in which to view all things – the light of truth. The Bible is now my reference guide for my knowledge base.

With the Holy Spirit living within me, I now read scripture, and research things of the paranormal with a new understanding. The Bible is now my authority on all the things I read. If something purports knowledge contrary to the Bible, it is a lie, (or at least the explanation used to interpret such knowledge. Sometimes phenomenon is really occurring which is undeniable; it’s the interpretation of the phenomenon that is often the lie. For example, if a man is missing $20.00 from his wallet, he may interpret this to mean that a particular person stole this money, when in reality, he lost it. The fact that $20.00 is missing is still true though.)

If something I read doesn’t necessarily contradict scripture, it is a candidate for further investigation. This is the perspective on which this book is based.

With a Christian perspective, I will tackle the issues of reincarnation, PSI, astral projection, astrology, evolution, the existence of alien beings, ghosts, mythical beasts, thought-forms, and even artificial intelligence – which some may not classify as paranormal, but I do.

While most of the New Age occult related activities I used to be involved in were riddled with demonic influences, I believe the Lord protected me during this time in my life, and has used these prior mistakes of mine for good. Now that I belong to Christ, I have a dual perspective on metaphysical issues and activities. What better of a person could explain the intricate details of paranormal issues and activities other than a person who was once heavily affiliated with them. I can, after all, relate to someone in the New Age movement probably better than the average Christian, because I not only know what the Bible’s perspective is on paranormal issues, I also know the New Age perspective. (By the way, I refer to the New Age as a loose conglomeration of people highly associated with metaphysical beliefs and activities.)

One awesome aspect about God is that He often uses people’s mistakes, working them toward good. This by no means justifies the mistakes of humanity; rather, it amplifies the amazing nature of God. For instance, God chose the apostle Paul as one of His disciples; someone that was once an enemy of Christians. The Scribes and Pharisees knew that the apostle Paul used to be part of their paradigm, and something powerful had to happen to him in order to change him so radically. He used to be one who diligently persecuted Christians, and something happened to him that miraculously changed him into a man willing to die for Christ’s sake. This sent a powerful message to the Scribes and Pharisees, because they knew there was nothing they could say to him that he wasn’t already fully aware of. Instead, it was evident that he was in possession of something greater than what they had.

My position is the same. When I’m witnessing to someone involved in the New Age movement, I always encounter people that remind me of my former self. They can’t tell me anything to convince me away from Christianity, because I used to be where they are. I know about the things they have to say, and I can tell them that. But they usually can’t tell me that they used to be Christians, and have left Christianity to follow some occult belief system. Those that do say they either are Christians, or that they used to be, usually don’t have the first clue as to what it entails. Again, they are like the way I used to be. One of the keys demonstrating whether their faith in Christ is, or was genuine, is whether or not they ever read the Bible, and sought out its meaning. For some odd reason, people often claim faith in religions that they know nothing about. I once did.

In closing this chapter, I will state that I feel that the Lord has prepared me for the unique service of writing this book, and that Acts 2:18-36 may bear some relevance in my life.

Acts 2:18-36

17And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: 18And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy: 19And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke: 20The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come: 21And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.


Of all of the different topics discussed in this book, the topic of aliens is the most comprehensive, because of the depth and complexity of the questions that must be answered concerning what aliens are. Finding information to prove the existence of UFOs and aliens isn’t difficult. There is by far no shortage of information. While a great deal of the information about the existence aliens and UFOs is often easy to discredit and unreliable, because much of it is based on blurry photographs and information retrieved from sessions of hypnotherapy, there is a large amount of it that is difficult to refute. How, for example, were Betty and Barney Hill, victims of one of the most famous alien abductions cases in history, able to produce star charts from memory they claimed to see posted on the walls inside of a space craft? These charts were not only highly accurate, but based on a galactic perspective other than earth, and contained stars that weren’t discovered until several years later.1 This type of information, combined with the sheer volume and history of information, not to mention the vast number of credible witnesses, is more than enough to convince me that the alien phenomenon is a very real phenomenon.

The question remains; how do Christians interpret this information? Is it found within the pages of the Bible? I think the answer to this question is "Yes". Unraveling the clues leading to this answer is done by exploring two themes in scripture: realms of existence, and the entities that exist in those realms.

The realms of existence that need to be discussed include: "Hell", "Hades", "Sheole", "Gehenna", "Tartarus", "The Chasm", "Paradise", "Abraham’s Bosom", "Heaven", "The Heavens", "Heaven of Heavens", and "1st, 2nd, and 3rd Heavens". The entities that will be identified are: "Angels", "Fallen Angels", "Demons", "Hosts of Heaven", "Stars", "Creatures", "Sons of God", and the "Nephilim", also known as "Rapha", or "Rephaim", all three of which refer to giants. These terms I’ve just mentioned are biblical terms, and they will be defined in a modern perspective.

In order to define what aliens are, using a Christian perspective, evidence should rely on scriptural references. Using scriptural references, a number of questions relating to the above named entities must be answered, in order to compare and contrast their definitions to what modern culture defines aliens as being. These questions are varied. For instance, what are these entities made of? If they are physical beings, can they physically die? Were they all hand crafted, each a unique species in its own right, or were they created like humans and animals, after their kind, designed to reproduce? If they were designed to reproduce, then how? Are they male, female, hermaphrodite, or something else entirely different? If you haven’t discovered by now, the answers to many of these questions could be mind boggling, and lead to a great deal of confusion. This is why the concept of the existence of aliens in outer space could very well have a damaging effect on the Christian paradigm. These questions should be addressed.

Many theologians and philosophers throughout history have proposed their own theories about angels, as well as some of the other entities I previously mentioned, but for the most part, these theories are not derived from the Bible. Epics poems, such as Dante’s "The Divine Comic", Milton’s "Paradise Lost", and mystic works, such as Swedenborg’s "Angelic Wisdom: Concerning Divine Love and Wisdom", were derived using a mixture of Islamic, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian writings, not to mention a little of their own imaginative flare.2 My work on the study of angels is different than theirs. Without researching any Gnostic gospels, cryptic Apocrypha, or spanning the scope of other religions, I will highlight information that the standard Holy Bible has on these entities. With this information, I should be able to provide sufficient evidence to prove that some of the descriptions of these entities may fit the definition of what modern society calls aliens.

The history of my calling to this subject:

I came to the conclusion several years ago that some of the non-human entities I previously mentioned, and the modern concept of aliens, were the same entities. As my knowledge in the field of computers grew, I learned how to create web pages, and found that there were free web space providers on the Internet. Knowing this, I thought it would be a great idea to put my theory about the existence aliens down on paper – or electronic media if you will – and post this research on the Internet. After all, the web presence was free, and my research would be made available for the entire world to see. All I had to do was present my ideas in a clear, presentable format.

I have always been compelled to let people know about all these things I have to say regarding aliens, and what I believe is an up and coming deception the likes of which the world has never seen. I completed this project in the winter of 1996, and experienced a sense of fulfillment, that what I did was according to a calling that God has given me.

Shortly after completing my work, I began to look for web sites on the Internet that were somewhat related to mine, and request links from these sites to my own. (This is a common advertising tactic for new web sites, for those individuals like myself that need the help of established web sites in order to announce our presence to cyberspace.) Shortly after I began my search, I stumbled upon Watchers web site,3 and my jaw fell to the floor. Up until this time, I thought I was the only odd-ball Christian in the world that made the connection that aliens and angels, (among other entities listed in scripture), were the same entities, and could prove so using only the standard scripture of the Holy Bible. Needless to say, I was wrong. As I browsed through the various links on Watchers web site, I read a great deal of information that looked like my own material! Before requesting a link from Watchers, I thought at first that they might think I was a plagiarist, but I didn’t care, because all of the information in my web site was in fact derived uniquely from my own rigorous research of the Bible.

Further analysis of the web sites on Watchers gave me the realization that it was obvious that my research was done solo, because I used many different verses that weren’t used by others, and had my own unique perspective. I sort of had the steam taken out of me though, because I thought I was on the forefront with my radical theories.

Strangely enough, at about the same time I stumbled onto the Watchers web site, I heard a radio show called the John Ankerberg show, on a Christian radio station I frequently listen to. Author Chuck Missler was the guest on the program. He also believes as I do, that the "Sons of God" mentioned in Genesis 6, which mated with the daughters of men and bore the offspring of giants, were what our culture would term aliens.

Since I heard that program, I purchased Chuck Missler’s tape series, "Return of the Nephilim",4 and again, found a great deal of information that looked like my own material, and conclusions. (Reading Chuck’s tape series research notes for the first time was a strange experience. It was like reading something I would’ve written a few years in the future – the same ideas with different research material to support them.) Since this tape series has been out, Chuck Missler has produced with another author, Mark Eastman, a book titled Alien Encounters, on the same topic. Much of their information and conclusions are found in this book, but I do have my own unique perspective, so if you’re already familiar with Mark Eastman and Chuck Missler’s work, please don’t think I’m a carbon copy. (Besides, aliens cover only part of this book.)

Chuck Missler, Mark Eastman, and I, are like minded individuals, (though I consider myself not near their scholarly caliber. Chuck, for instance, is the former CEO of a large telecommunications company, used to be contracted by the Department of Defense, speaks regularly on a radio talk show, is author of several books, etc., etc., etc.) I may lack audacious credentials, (a paltry BS. in Business Information Systems, the occupation of computer security manager, self-proclaimed UFOlogist – is there any other kind?), but I do feel that my research is a service to God, and I have been given a vision of truth I am compelled shout out to the world. With this in mind, my most outstanding credential is that I’m "Christian", which puts me on equal ground with Chuck Missler, and Mark Eastman, among others.

After Watchers was kind enough to link my web site to theirs, (and even feature it as a special attraction a few times), I began receiving emails from people all over the world. The emails I’ve been receiving have made me ecstatic! The world, I have discovered, is filled with Christians that want a Christian based answer to the alien question. In addition, some of these emails I’ve received are from the victims of alien abductions, and their hair-raising stories have so far confirmed to me the accuracy of the findings in my research.

I always reply to all of my emails, and over the last year, I’ve been posing the question to my readers, "Do you think I should make my research on aliens into a book?" I have received nothing but a unanimous, resounding "YES!" Fueled with the motivation given to me from email, and still the burning call I feel the Lord placing on my heart, I have decided to expand my research on my theories about the existence of aliens into this book.

Once I began to write this book, I became aware of the fact that I have a number of theories on quite a few topics not normally associated with the Christian paradigm. The subject of aliens I feel is one of the most important issues discussed in this book, primarily because of its prophetic significance, but I have decided to expand my research to include all of the various topics listed in this book. I thought this would be a great idea for three reasons: 1. Provide more flavor and attract a wider range of readers, 2. Offering the Christian perspective on anything aids in the distribution of scriptural knowledge, which is a very good thing, and last of all, 3. I wanted to make the book larger because the single topic of aliens wouldn’t be a very large book. Heh heh… ;-)

So now – please read on!


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4 (Tape Series: 2 tape set) Chuck Missler, Return of the Nephilim, 1997.

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