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The Star Trek version of reality, THE HEAVENS AS THEY CURRENTLY ARE, Cursed Domains, Cursed Nonangelic Beings, Cursed Angelic Beings (Fallen Angels), Glorified Domains, Glorified Nonangelic Beings, Glorified Angelic Beings, The Planet Known as Third Heaven, Transitional Domains, Overlapping/Coexisting Domains, The Prisons in the Lower Regions of the Earth, Hell—The Places of Departed Human Spirits, Tartarus and the Abyss—The Places of Nonhuman Spirits, The Lake of Fire, The First Heaven, The Onion Theory, Cursed Ground and Holy Ground, Cursed Ground, What Does the Bible Say About Ghosts? Glorified Disincarnate Entities, Cursed Disincarnate Entities, Interaction with Cursed Disincarnate Entities, Advice for People Who See and Hear Spirits of the Deceased, Ghostly Visitations of Loved Ones, Beacons of Injustice, Holy Ground, Interplanetary/Interdimensional Travel, Interplanetary/Interdimensional Travel Conducted by Cursed Beings, Interplanetary/Interdimensional Travel Conducted by Glorified Beings, THE HEAVENS OF THE PAST, The Earth Prior to the Creation of Adam and Eve, The Flood of Lucifer Mentioned in the Old Testament, The Flood of Lucifer Mentioned in the New Testament, Who Were the Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal? Three Types of Flesh, The Inhabitants of Lucifer’s Kingdom of the Past, A New Theory About the Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal, Does the Bible Give Credence to Atlantis? The Duration of Lucifer’s Kingdom, Deceptions Concerning the Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal, Lucifer’s Dominion Beyond the Earth Before and After Adam and Eve, THE NEAR FUTURE, Could the Rapture of the Church Be a Mass Alien Abduction? The Pretribulation Rapture of the Church Is Consistent with the Heart of God, The Pretribulation Rapture of the Church Is Consistent with Scripture, Mixing Up the Second Advent of Christ with the Rapture of the Church, Details Concerning the Rapture of the Church, Details Concerning the Second Advent of Christ, More Than One Resurrection of the Dead, and More Than One Rapture, Who Hinders the Antichrist? What Signs Point to the Nearness of the Rapture of the Church? The Rise of the Antichrist, Big Changes Around the Mediterranean Sea, The Formation of the Revised Roman Empire, The First Conquest of the Antichrist, The Second Conquest of the Antichrist, The Destruction of Mystery Babylon, Mystery Babylon Identified as the Roman Catholic Church, Where Will the United States Stand in Relation to the Antichrist? The Antichrist’s Frustration with Israel, The Technology of the Antichrist Kingdom, Could the Antichrist be a Modern-Day Nephilim? The Final Conquest of the Antichrist and Second Advent of Christ, THE HEAVENS OF THE FUTURE, The Millennial Reign of Christ, Earth Will Be the Same, Earth Will Be Different, The First Assignment Given to the Saints, Sin and Death Still Present During the Millennial Reign of Christ, The Eternal Future of Life on Earth, MY PERSONAL ENCOUNTER WITH THE UNKNOWN, MY PERSPECTIVE IN THIS BOOK, MY CALLING, ENTITIES ANGELS THE SONS OF GOD AND THEIR OFFSPRINGTHE NEPHILIM, The astounding power of angels, Confusion with classifying angels, Are angels physical beings? The Sethite theory, The Sons of God – angels, The link between the floodand Sodom and Gomorrah, Why Noah? Alien abductions in prophesy, Marriage and sex among angels, Why can angels sexually reproducebut should not? The Butterfly theory, What kind of angel is Satan? Satan’s tactics, THE HOSTS OF HEAVEN, THE STARS AND CREATURES, Different types of angels, The Hosts of Heaven, Non-physical life forms that aren’t angels, Physical life-forms that aren’t angels, The issue of technology - do God’s faithful angels use technology? The issue of technology - do fallen angels use technology? Alien abductors – probably fallen angels, The balance of technological and spiritual development, Difficult to classify technology between entities, God’s intervention in the balance of technological and spiritual development, The Stars, The Twelve Stars – Stars referring to people, Stars referring to the Hosts of Heaven, Stars referring specifically to angels, Creatures in scripture, Beasts in scripture, Warnings in scripture – be prepared, MYTHICAL BEINGS BEASTS AND MONSTERS, Examples of legends derived from fact, Legends and idols - tools for demons, Does scripture substantiate the existence of mythical beings? NON-PHYSICAL ENTITIES, Do ghosts exist? Degrees of hell, Cursed groundIs there a case of haunting in the Old Testament? Ceremonial cleanness, Ghosts in the New Testament, Warnings about the dead, My own experience with necromancy, Unintentional communication with the dead, Conclusion about ghosts, Can animals be ghosts? Do all creatures of flesh and blood have spirits? Should animals be treated with care? If sothen why? Do animals have a basic sense of moral accountability? Can animals sinand if sowhat is their punishment? Do Animals have any salvation? The flood of Noah – a foreshadowing of the cross, Have unclean animals been spiritually cleaned? What happens to animals when they die? Conclusion of whether animals can become ghosts, Demons devils and angels, A Word about possession, A Word about reincarnation, A Word about astral projection, PSEUDO ENTITIES, The rise of artificial intelligence, The Cosmists vs the Terrestrialists, Artificial intelligence is inevitable, The biblical relevance of artificial intelligence, A pseudo Holy Spirit, The Mark of the Beast, Satan’s counterfeit body, Human pride, Thought-forms, Blessings curses and covenants, Can Thought-forms assume a physical appearance? Bilocation, Group mind thought-forms, A word about prayer and faith, Is stigmata a type of thought-form? Thought-forms in legends and lore – archetypes, Thought-forms in Tibetan occultism, Scientific study of thought-forms, The danger of Dungeons & Dragons role playing games, Religion in D&D, Character alignments, A Game of the mind, Dungeons & Dragons thought-forms, Could Thought-forms be ghosts? The Thought-form / Piggy-back theory, REALMS OF EXISTENCE, THE HEAVENLY REALMS, Understanding heaven, The three realms of heaven, The heavens are places, Heaven as a state of glory, Humanities journey through levels of glory, The earth’s journey through levels of glory, Conclusion, The Old Heaven and Earth - Satan’s ancient kingdom? What does science have to tell us? Organic compounds found on asteroids, Micro-organisms are found on meteorites from Mars, The faceand pyramids found on Mars, The Martian cataclysm, The Exploding Planet Hypothesis, What does the Bible say about the Exploding Planet Hypothesis? Were there worlds with civilizations before Adam and Eve were created? A modern perspective of the big picture, THE REALMS OF HELL, Understanding hell, Types of death, Death and hell, Hell became altered, Differences between hell (Hades) and the lake of fire, Degrees of hell, The regions of hell (Hades) – inner earth, The journey of a lost soul, Propaganda City, PHENOMENON, ASTRAL PROJECTION IN THE BIBLE, Reaching to the heavens? Literally reaching to the heavens - by spiritual means, Demonic deception, The implications of astral projection, Why did God intervene at the Tower of Babel? The link between sorcery and the Tower of Babel, An enormous interest in the stars, Meeting places of the gods, The Babylonian translation of the Tower of Babel – Gateway Of God, Is astral projection evil? NDE’s - a type of astral projection, Possible dangers involved with astral projection, Advice - what I would do if I astrally projected! Uncorrupted spiritual knowledge in the ancient east, A return to ancient knowledge – how long will the veil be sustained, PSI IN THE BIBLE, What does modern science say about PSI? PSI – a non-human attribute, PSI – can science help? PSI – a human attribute - back before the fall, PSI – conclusion, The hidden dangers of PSI, A unique ministry, REINCARNATION IN THE BIBLE, Was John the Baptist Elijah reincarnated? Modern day cases of reincarnation, The demonic deceptions explanation of reincarnation, The psychic phenomenon explanation of reincarnation, EVOLUTION IN THE BIBLE, The purpose of this, Confusion in biology, Translation vs Evolution, The curse of survival, God’s provision for the curse of survival - physical changes, Changes in humanity, Common design - efficient and intimate, The unknown, Genetic experimentation, The great deception, An Eagle in Heaven, Questions of Life, The Meaning of Life, The Floating Cross, The Open File Cabinet Philosophy, Laws, Jesus in a Helicopter, My Best Friend Jack, Joe the Christian, Tangents, Divine Progression, Going Deep, The Gospel, The Trinity, Poetry, ASTRAL PROJECTION, THE TIME I WAS SURROUNDED BY BEINGS, CAUGHT UP IN EUPHORIA, IN A CLOSET WITH A MIRROR, TAKEN WITH UNIMAGINABLE FEAR, EMAILS I'VE READ, AND MY OBSERVATIONS, BIG FOOT, MY DAD AND UNCLE PAUL AT CHIQUITA LAKE, MURPHY'S MONSTROUS CAMPING TRIP, A FRIEND OF MY BABYSITTER'S, A MINOR EXPERIENCE OF MY OWN, DEMONS & DEVILS, A DEMON KNOCKED ON THE BEDROOM DOOR, NIGHTMARES THAT SHOOK MY BED, MY BEST FRIEND JACK, STORIES FROM THAILAND, THE WATER BABIES, DREAMS & VISIONS, MY VISIONS OF HEAVEN, JESUS IN A HELICOPTER, A DREAM FOR A DREAM, MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER'S VISIONS, GHOST STORIES, EVERYONE SAW IT ALMOST EVERY NIGHT, IT WOKE ME UP ONE NIGHT, THE LADY IN BLACK, THE GRAVEYARD GHOST IN KOREA, THAT TERRIFYING HALLOWEEN NIGHT, MY GRANDPA WALTER'S BEDROOM, MY SISTER'S BIZARRE EXPERIENCE, MY DAD'S ENCOUNTER, RALPH THE GHOST HUNTER, HYPNOSIS, WAS I POSSESSED?, MIRACULOUS HEALINGS & EVENTS, HEALED THROUGH THE INTERNET, A DAY AT THE RODEO, JOHN HAGGEE'S FRONTAL ATTACK, THE MAN FROM ROMANIA, THE ANOINTED TABLECLOTH, A TRIBESMAN THAT KNEW ENGLISH, THERE DEFINITELY IS A GOD! MY ANTHROPOLOGY TEACHER'S STORY, MISCELLANEOUS STORIES & ARTICLES, EXPLANATION OF THE TRINITY, THE HANGMAN'S NOOSE, LACY’S HORSE, MYSTERIOUS PLACES, THE SEAMLESS BARN, MY TRIP TO THE FRESNO CEMETERY, OUIJA BOARDS, MY SISTER'S EXPERIENCE WITH THE OUIJA BOARD, MY OWN EXPERIENCES WITH THE OUIJA BOARD, PSI, MARK AND I (1ST AND 9TH GRADE), THE SWAP, STRANGE CREATURES & MYTHICAL BEINGS, THE BALL OF LIGHT THAT COMMUNICATED WITH ME, IS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ETHICAL? UFOS AND ALIENS, MIKE’S UFO SIGHTING, AN AIR FORCE FRIEND WHO WORKED AT NORAD AFB, AIRMAN NEIL EVANS AND STAFF SERGEANT KOBAR SAW A UFO AT KEESLER, AIR FORCE BASE, MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER'S UFO SIGHTING, WHY DID GOD CREATE? WHY DOES EVIL EXIST? THE MEANING OF LIFE: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN FREE WILL IS USED FOR EVIL? GOD'S METHOD OF DEALING WITH SIN: GOD'S CALLING: GOD'S JUSTICE: GOD'S MERCY: GOD'S POWER: WHY JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY TO ETERNAL LIFE: HOW MIGHT ONE HAVE ETERNAL LIFE?